We are Business-Driven and invest in programs to help Suncoast employers identify and cultivate our state’s talent pool so your business will prosper.

Talent Sourcing

Whether you are in search of a few new hires or interested in mass recruiting, we can provide services tailored for your company. Our Business Services team can provide multiple levels of assistance with recruiting and interviewing, mass recruitment support and coordination, and reviewing applications and pre-screening candidates.

To get started, visit Employ Florida Marketplace, the statewide online job bank. As an employer, EmployFlorida Marketplace offers a multitude of resources to help you find the perfect candidate, create job listings, build career assistance and much more.

EmployFlorida Marketplace

Employee Development

Investing in your human capital can be one of the best ways to maintain your business’s competitive edge. We offer training services through a vendor of choice and offset up to 50% of the training costs. On-the-job training provides a paid incentive to employers for hiring qualified candidates who may not have adequate experience for the position.

For more information on Employer Training Grants, click here.

Retention Strategies

Now more than ever, businesses need to find ways to develop and implement retention solutions to meet their workplace needs. Employee retention takes energy, effort and resources. Employers must be creative and open to new strategies to keep their employees from seeking employment opportunities elsewhere. Here are some tips on how to keep your company competitive.

  • Review your interviewing and hiring practices
  • Conduct assessments and surveys to identify the cause of employee turnover
  • Provide routine feedback to your employees
  • Implement effective training programs
  • Reward and recognize your employees’ hard work and achievements
  • Provide ongoing communication throughout all organizational levels
  • Offer a competitive salary and benefit package

Our team specializes in understanding your needs as an employer and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss any of the services above in further detail.