At this time Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult and Dislocated Worker funding is no longer available. Please check the website monthly for an update. For OJT opportunities, please visit one of our Career Centers .

Are you interested in training for a new career? You may be eligible for assistance through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

Individuals who are either unemployed or working in low-wage jobs may be eligible for tuition assistance. Available services are based on need and may include tuition assistance, books allowance, uniform/supplies, vocational guidance and career counseling. The primary focus is on the attainment of certificates or degrees of value in the labor market leading to a job in high demand occupations, and emerging industries.

Services under this program are eligibility-based. Therefore all interested persons must meet and be able to document the following preliminary eligibility criteria to be a potential candidate.


General Eligibility:

  1. You are a Manatee or Sarasota County resident.
  2. You are 18 years or older.
  3. You meet U.S. Citizen requirements or hold current Authorization to Work in the U.S.

To see a full list of eligibility criteria, please click here.

Regional Targeted Occupation List

After July 1, 2014, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) low income adults and dislocated workers should utilize the new Regional Targeted Occupation List (RTOL) when selecting a WIA training program.

CareerSource Suncoast  uses a list of approved training providers to deliver various services to eligible Manatee and Sarasota County residents. We can help match your skills with jobs that are currently in demand. If additional training is required, we can help with tuition and other assistance needed to further your goals. Any interested WIA applicant should click on the link below to review and explore the training programs listed prior to selecting a training program in a growth and demand occupation during the completion of their online application.

For a list of participating training providers and programs, please click here.

For the Regionally Approved Targeted Occupation List, please click here.


WIA Appointments

Current WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Licensure, and Youth program participants must have an appointment to be seen by their WIA Program Career Counselor. Contact one of our locations for an appointment.

CareerSource Suncoast Learning Lab

CSS Learning Lab
The Learning Lab was created to help CareerSource Suncoast customers study for the General Education Diploma (GED). This is an online GED course that enables you, the student, to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the GED exam. Because this is an online course, you can study in our Learning Lab, at home or both. The Learning Lab also offers educational classes and tutoring by State Certified teachers.

Another major function of the Learning Lab is to help Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and other CareerSource Suncoast program customers take the TABE assessment. If you do not meet the scores on the TABE necessary for your career-education program, you can enroll in the Learning Lab to remediate for the TABE assessment.